NBA Finals Prediction: Pt.1

An visual preview of how the NBA Finals will go...

As you can see, The Lakers will eat their way through the Celtics (boo!), winning a Fifth(that's right MJ and Magic, he'll have just as many as you...) Ring for Sir Kobe Bryant.

Let the games begin!

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Lake Show tonight...

This game should wrap up the series, as the suns just cant hang with the World Champion Lakers...

Next up: Boston...
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Swimming with dolphins just got a lot cooler...

How do i get my hands on one of these??
Anyone willing to trade one for a '96 civic sedan?

haha i didnt think so.

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cool lil video i came across...

God Is A DJ - A funny movie is a click away
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I dunno about you, but this seems f**cking gross to me...

Freeze dried sushi that you eat like a push-pop?
Only the japanese would think this was a good idea...

Visit these kooks website here, 
you can even buy 6 packs of this tasty treat.

Would you actually eat these??

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Put this in your pipe and smoke it...

Ultimate Party Mix of the Decade. So Far. 

Download it.
Listen to it.
Play it at your party.

Do it!!
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The Block has just undergone its first major facelift. Now that its looking more official, maybe ill start posting more regularly...

 Maybe not.

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Im... Ron... Burgundy???

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New Song!!!

LilSecrets by FredSpesh

lil somethin ive been working on... anyone like it?
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hahahaha Charles Barkley doing what he does best... making a fool of himself.

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