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I wear a 2XL, in case you were wondering...

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Talk about Mr. Clutch...

With 12 career walk off home-runs, Jim Thome is tied for the all-time lead.  
Other players tied with 12:
  • Jimmie Foxx
  • Mickey Mantle
  • Stan Musial
  • Frank Robinson
  • Babe Ruth

Any of those names ring a bell?

Also, Jim Thome is currently number 8 on the all-time home runs list, right behind Sammy Sosa.

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We will discover aliens in the year 2012...

That's right. You heard it here.

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I'll be here all week(end)...

I'll be spending the weekend HERE (Yosemite) with my pops.

Sit tight.
I'll be back before you know it...



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Sit down, turn it up to 11, and prepare to have your mind blown...
Kanye West- Monster

Kanye West - Monster by kingkrool-1

Kanye West killin it as usual. 

All of his new songs seem to have a common theme: an insane amount of Narcissism. He views himself as a musical prophet (I think he secretly wants to take over the world...), and he's not half wrong about it. Most of the stuff you hear on the radio has something to do with Kanye.

The man's a BEAST.

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PSA of the Day...

That's good enough for me...

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Ok, I never thought i would do this buttt...

I am officially stooping down to a new level but I can't ignore this...

I feel bad for whoever was sitting next to her...

I know.
It's made out of meat.

What a F**king weirdo...

If you care about why the hell she wore it, you can read that here...

More pictures of the Meat Dress...

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Feel like learning something new today??

Head on over to TodayIFoundOut.com

They have all kinds of random tid-bits of information, the kinds of things you wonder, but never think to ask...

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Life size NES! (Legend of Zelda not included...)

Life size Nintendo coffee table.
This fully funtional coffee table looks like a huge NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, to get formal with it). Pretty sick. I have to say my favorite part is the huge controller, and I can picture myself mashing the buttons while scrolling channels like its the late 80's all over again...

For your viewing pleasure, a video of this bad-boy in action...

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Cee-lo Green-F**k You (official video)

Here's the official video of Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You", the song that has quickly spread throughout the blogosphere due to its "catchiness"

The song does itself justice, but the video is fun...
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WTF? Where's my iTunes 10???

Soooo I've been waiting all day to update my iTunes 9.2.1 to the New iTunes 10. And I'm still waiting...


Oh well, i guess it's not that big of a deal. I'll probably be able to get it tomorrow...

Update!: Literally right as i finished writing this, i found a link (Gizmodo) to the download page for iTunes 10!   

Go do it!
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Need new clothes?

How bout new clothes, by all your favorite brands (guys and girls), for CHEAP?  
(I'm talkin' up to 80% off retail, cheap.)

[Click Image]

Head over to PLNDR.com to check out these incredible deals. 

Warning: you will have to sign up (free), but after that, it's all gravy baby. (and cheap clothes!)
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