Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

This is by far one of the best shows on TV, and I cant wait for the new season.
If you like zombies, suspense, lots of gory violence, and zombies, YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!
The new season starts October 16th on AMC.
You should watch the first season in the mean time.
It's Epic.

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Slickest bike I've ever seen...

Look at this thing. 
It's beautiful.
This is the first thing I will buy when I win the lottery...

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TMNT anatomy lesson

Had to...

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Epic Ping Pong Ninja

I don't even care if this is fake, it's TOO EPIC!
This guy in the nunchuck king of the world.

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Whattttt just happened??

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Kenny Powers. CEO.

Pretty funny ad from K-Swiss.
Anything involving La Flama Blanca is blog-worthy in my book.

There better be a new season of EBaD coming soon; it's easily the best show on television...

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TDK SoundCube

With summer in full swing, you might find your little iPhone speaker insufficient when lounging poolside.
But, whip out this TDK SoundCube and you'll have an instant party on your hands.
It's not exactly cheap ($300), but it sure is cool...

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Waterskiing Jaws in Hawaii

Wanna put some hair on your chest?
Try strapping two skis to your feet and getting towed in to 20 foot waves at one of the heaviest breaks in the world, Jaws, in Hawaii.
Check out freeskiier Chuck Patterson ripping it up.


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Where'd he come from?

No, really.
Where the hell did that ref come from?

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Joffery gets bitch-slapped

That is all...

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How do you trick someone into joining the Military?

Start 'em young...

What a terrible world we live in

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Who doesnt like some facial hair?

Show some support for your favorite team AND your favorite facial hair style with these Hair-itage shirts from Nike.
They're actually quite the bargain.

  $20 from Amazon.

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Unleash your inner hipster with this moustache-shaped flask.
Next time you sneak some booze into that concert, you can break the law while lookin' good.

Only $18 from Urban Outfitters.

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New Kanye coming soon??

This totally nondescript album art is supposedly the cover of the new Kanye/ Jay-Z collab album titled "Watch the Throne."
Fuck yes.
Any Kanye news is good news to me...
The album is set to drop August 2nd so keep an eye out!

The album is available for pre-order NOW at Jay-Z's website lifeandtimes.com!

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