Oh, hey Dwight!

What's that? You're busy planking across your Rolls Royce Ghosts? Thats cool...

Check out more pics of Dwight and Gilbert Arenas, professional plankers, HERE

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Clever Greenpeace commercial

Clever spoof ad by Greenpeace. This campaign was done by Greenpeace UK, though, so feel free to buy a VW here in the good ol' US of A.

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Floyd "Money" Mayweather's awful outfit

Seriously?  Who wears a matching shirt underneath a zip up. Not just matching, but IDENTICAL. Like, you wouldn't even know they were different shirts. Talk about tacky.

Maybe he should stop gambling all the time and buy some damn clothes!

But on a positive note, HE'S ACTUALLY GONNA FIGHT SOON! (it's about time...)

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The Known Universe

Do you ever feel like an insignificant, tiny, speck of dust on this overpopulated rock we call Earth?
Well you should.
Watch this video, and let me know how small you feel after....

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Like Space? Watch these...

Finally, someone makes space look cool again.

These are not official NASA videos, but the work of a Canadian space fan.
Well done, sir!

More videos and interview with the creator here...

via MotherBoard

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