Bomb attached to teens neck thought to be a hoax

Police outside the victim's house in Sydney
Well, not a hoax, just not a real bomb...

 Yesterday, one teenage girl in Mosman, Sydney, Australia got quite the scare. Her house was broken into, and a homemade bomb was strapped around her neck. The Sydney police and bomb squad took about 10 hours to get the thing off, only to find that it wasn't really an explosive device at all. It was just a good replica of one.

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Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

This is by far one of the best shows on TV, and I cant wait for the new season.
If you like zombies, suspense, lots of gory violence, and zombies, YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!
The new season starts October 16th on AMC.
You should watch the first season in the mean time.
It's Epic.

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Slickest bike I've ever seen...

Look at this thing. 
It's beautiful.
This is the first thing I will buy when I win the lottery...

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TMNT anatomy lesson

Had to...

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Epic Ping Pong Ninja

I don't even care if this is fake, it's TOO EPIC!
This guy in the nunchuck king of the world.

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Whattttt just happened??

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Kenny Powers. CEO.

Pretty funny ad from K-Swiss.
Anything involving La Flama Blanca is blog-worthy in my book.

There better be a new season of EBaD coming soon; it's easily the best show on television...

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TDK SoundCube

With summer in full swing, you might find your little iPhone speaker insufficient when lounging poolside.
But, whip out this TDK SoundCube and you'll have an instant party on your hands.
It's not exactly cheap ($300), but it sure is cool...

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Waterskiing Jaws in Hawaii

Wanna put some hair on your chest?
Try strapping two skis to your feet and getting towed in to 20 foot waves at one of the heaviest breaks in the world, Jaws, in Hawaii.
Check out freeskiier Chuck Patterson ripping it up.


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Where'd he come from?

No, really.
Where the hell did that ref come from?

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Joffery gets bitch-slapped

That is all...

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How do you trick someone into joining the Military?

Start 'em young...

What a terrible world we live in

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Who doesnt like some facial hair?

Show some support for your favorite team AND your favorite facial hair style with these Hair-itage shirts from Nike.
They're actually quite the bargain.

  $20 from Amazon.

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Unleash your inner hipster with this moustache-shaped flask.
Next time you sneak some booze into that concert, you can break the law while lookin' good.

Only $18 from Urban Outfitters.

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New Kanye coming soon??

This totally nondescript album art is supposedly the cover of the new Kanye/ Jay-Z collab album titled "Watch the Throne."
Fuck yes.
Any Kanye news is good news to me...
The album is set to drop August 2nd so keep an eye out!

The album is available for pre-order NOW at Jay-Z's website!

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Oh, hey Dwight!

What's that? You're busy planking across your Rolls Royce Ghosts? Thats cool...

Check out more pics of Dwight and Gilbert Arenas, professional plankers, HERE

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Clever Greenpeace commercial

Clever spoof ad by Greenpeace. This campaign was done by Greenpeace UK, though, so feel free to buy a VW here in the good ol' US of A.

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Floyd "Money" Mayweather's awful outfit

Seriously?  Who wears a matching shirt underneath a zip up. Not just matching, but IDENTICAL. Like, you wouldn't even know they were different shirts. Talk about tacky.

Maybe he should stop gambling all the time and buy some damn clothes!

But on a positive note, HE'S ACTUALLY GONNA FIGHT SOON! (it's about time...)

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The Known Universe

Do you ever feel like an insignificant, tiny, speck of dust on this overpopulated rock we call Earth?
Well you should.
Watch this video, and let me know how small you feel after....

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Like Space? Watch these...

Finally, someone makes space look cool again.

These are not official NASA videos, but the work of a Canadian space fan.
Well done, sir!

More videos and interview with the creator here...

via MotherBoard

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Justice - Civilization video

Watch this video. It's epic.

Like, I get it.
All metaphoric and whatnot.
But it blows. my. mind.

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But seriously,
R.I.P. Randy "Macho Man" Savage...
You were truly the most influential eccentric Professional Wrestler of our time.

Check out a nice gallery of Macho Man's crazy ass outfits here...

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The NEW Dirtiest Dunk of the Year

Well that didn't take very long now did it?


Kevin Durant made this STOOPID dunk over the Mav's Brendan Haywood last night in game 2.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...


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Conversations with Bert: Andy Samberg

Just watch...

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Stephen Hawking Knowledge...

"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."
-Stephen Hawking

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Dirtiest dunk of the year...

Last night, during game one of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, Taj Gibson threw down this RIDICULOUS dunk over/through Dwyane Wade.
Easily the best dunkface of the year...

Even D. Wade had a little laugh about it this morning on his twitter.

If the BULLS keep playing like this, the HEAT do not even stand a chance...

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Watch this if you want to have your mind blown

This is an animation called MUTO by Italian artist BLU, who's work 
can be seen on streets all over the world. 
This video was shot on the streets of Buenos Aires.

It just keeps going and going.

There's a huge sample of his work over at Abduzeedo

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This wall used to have art on it...

"This wall used to have art on it.
Now it has cocks."

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Krink X G-Shock | "Spray Paint the Walls"

Artist Craig Costello did an installation for G-Shock and Krink to promote the release of their new collab watch.

I'm going to paint my house like this...

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And now, a picture of Rajon Rondo

Rolling around on the ground like a baby...

pic via TerezOwens
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Prints by Jose Pulida

Artist Jose Pulido, who's work I've featured here before, has 
a bunch of cool new prints in his etsy shop.


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Check out Mr. T's bike...

Who knew superheros rode bikes?
And yes, Mr. T is a superhero in my book...


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Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way

Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

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Muggsy Bouges & Manute Bol

Here we have a picture of Muggsy Bogues and Manute Bol.  Look how big that fool is, and look how little that other fool is!!

Manute Bol is the tallest player to ever play in the NBA, measuring in at an enormous 7'7".  The man also only weighed 230 lbs. Talk about a string bean....

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA. He stood at a whopping 5'3", 136 lbs. Dude was tiny.

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Kobe Bryant, 11 years old...

I wonder if any of the people in this photo knew he would grow up to be the greatest of all time... It's crazy that it looks like Kobe, just as a little kid. I'm digging his flat top for sure.

I wonder if he knew he would have millions of fans, all over the globe? Millions of dollars from shoe contracts? Must be nice to be the greatest...


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Whistler Blackcomb XXS tilt-shift video

Even though it doesn't feel like it here in sunny Southern California, winter is in full swing.  In less desirable other parts of the country, people are snowed in their houses, wishing they were lucky enough to be enjoying 75-80 degree weather in January.

This video gets me in the mood for snow. Good thing I'm going to Mammoth next weekend... (yes!)

Here it is in all it's glory. You all know how much I love miniature photography..

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort | Whistler, BC Canada

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Diamond Encrusted Baby Skull? Really?

This piece is called "For Heaven's Sake" by British artist Damien Hirst.

I'm not too sure why anyone in their right mind would waste the time or money to do something like this. Must be one weird guy.

The skull is cast in platinum, and covered with over 8,100 diamonds. 8,100 DIAMONDS!!

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Beat Up Creations

Etsy Seller BeatUpCreations has some pretty cool, one off, up-cycled, antique items for sale in their shop.

ALTERED ANTIQUE PLATES: Using orphaned & unloved antique plates & transforming them into new modern portrait plates

Also for sale: Altered fine art prints

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Aiaiai | TMA-1 Headphones

These TMA-1 Headphones from Aiaiai are do damn sick! Flat Black, nothing else. It's nice to see a company take a step back on the marketing side and offer a headphone that's just plain cool...

And the best part is, they were designed with the help of some of the biggest DJ's in the world (A-Trak, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, MSTRKRFT, and 2manyDJs a.k.a. Soulwax), so they should have the sound to go with the looks.

They better sound good, costing a fairly steep $240 (180 euros). Yea, they'll ship from Denmark, so that's kinda cool...

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Star Wars ep. 7: Day of the Dead

Artist José Pulido brings us these awesome Star Wars portraits, done in the traditional Dia de los Muertos style. 

Update: It looks like they are no longer available on his Etsy shop, but he's got plentyyyy of cool new prints available....

 Click through to see more...


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The History of Daft Punk's Helmets

Man, I love Daft Punk.

via Giz

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