Bomb attached to teens neck thought to be a hoax

Police outside the victim's house in Sydney
Well, not a hoax, just not a real bomb...

 Yesterday, one teenage girl in Mosman, Sydney, Australia got quite the scare. Her house was broken into, and a homemade bomb was strapped around her neck. The Sydney police and bomb squad took about 10 hours to get the thing off, only to find that it wasn't really an explosive device at all. It was just a good replica of one.

Now today (Thursday), all the news outlets are reporting this as a hoax, even though it was far from it. Sure, maybe the suspect knew it wasn't a real bomb, but i wouldn't go as far as calling it a hoax. I'm sure that girl was scared as shit the whole time, along with her family, her friends, and neighbors.

It should be noted that the family is one of the richest in Sydney, so they think this was a possible extortion attempt. It will be interesting to find out more details as they come out, whether there is any inside involvement, or other funny business to constitute this as an actual hoax. You never know what people will do for some publicity/money these days...
  • If it was the kind of hoax or prank that one pulls on a friend, this has gone way above and beyond. Totally not cool.
  • Who left the door unlocked/ let this guy in the house?

Madelaine Pulver entering the hospital on a stretcher.
Bomb Unit with dog outside victims house.

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