31st century??

How it feel to have all that Power?

Kanye West featuring Jay- Z and Swizz Beatz -Power (Remix) by Hypetrak

As if the song wasn't good enough, HOV went and put his two cents in...


Update: This song is insaneee. Super catchy, crazy production, bad-ass sample selection. Looks like Yeezy's on the right track after his hiatus...
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Kobe was at the Angel game on saturday with the fam. Looks like he spent some time in the Halo dugout as well...

Must be nice...

He would be friends w/ Torii...

[via Terezowens; ocregister]

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Thaaaannkkkssss.... (not)

RollingStone Magazine

"...but don't worry- computers are just a fad anyway, and the Interent is just plain stupid."

Nothing like a "thank you letter" with more than a hint of sarcasm. Hopefully they get the message...
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It's my boy, Young Shancie!!

So I'm cruising the blogosphere, doing my daily rounds, when i see my good friend Shancie making a few cameo appearances across the web. It seems that he made a bet with Brandon Jennings, resulting in him dancing around shirtless to Lady Gaga on camera. No clue why... Maybe I'll ask him and get the full scoop straight from the source.



Yea buddy,  
get that publicity.

Update: I have just gotten word that Shancie beat out BJ in a game of one-on-one, which led to the video...

Bonus!!!: I am including the new Shancie ft. J. Heat- Automatic video for your enjoyment. Please watch it and listen to Shancie!

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New Era suit? Yes, Please!!

Finalllyyyy. A suit to go along with my hat. It cant get any better than this...

 HECTIC x New Era x Ring Jacket Suit

via HypeBeast; CLUSTER
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Busy P WTF??

ED Banger x Quicksilver x Phil Grace custom surfboard being modeled (see: held) by ED Banger head honcho Busy P himself... no word on details yet, but this could just be a one-off board for Biz P. 

Either way, its sick.

via HypeBeast; The Biarritz Pirates
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PSA of the Day...

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Sharktopus? Sharktopus.


I try not to post anything dumb on my blog, but this I just couldn't resist... Sharktopus already looks like the worst movie I've never seen. Worse than Piranha 3D (ok, maybe not). What is with these dumb ass movies with dumb stories and even worse acting and CG?

Waste of time and money if you ask me...

frEd. Note: This post is dedicated to Mr. Birk- the legend who, in my eyes, coined the terms "Sharktopus", "Whalfin" (a whale and a dolphin), and renewed popularity in the played out "nacho (see: not your) cheese" joke by applying it to any noun he could think of. Here's to you buddy...

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Need new music??

Then check out this site!!

"22tracks.com: a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists of different genres, each playlist filled with 22 tracks, selected by specialized DJs from Amsterdam. 22tracks provides a quick overview of the latest music, promotes new artists and lets you discover new genres. No registration, no hassle. The easy way."

Simple layout, variety of music, FREE.
I'm sold.

The disco channel is my favorite, but you probably knew that...


Check out my post on Grooveshark,  another cool way to listen to music for free!

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Ice-T is NOT a certified Apple technician...

Must be nice to have so much money you can destroy expensive things. For fun...
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They'reeeee GREAATTTT!

Eye of The Tiger Tee by Bonafide Icon.
(via Karmaloop)
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Loud Pipes-Ratatat (FredSpesh Mix)

Just finished up a new mix that i was working on. I took the song Loud Pipes by Ratatat and turned it into a hip hop instrumental track. It's, for lack of a better word, DOPE!!

  Loud Pipes-Ratatat (FredSpesh mix) by FredSpesh

Download this, lay a verse or two on it, and send it back my way!!

Check out all my tracks over on My Music page...
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Revised MLB logos...

A collection from Page 2 over at ESPN.com of more appropriate logos for this years MLB teams...

American League

National League

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Death to the Labels!

Downhill Battle gives us a list of the reasons music would benefit with the disappearance of record labels. You can see the list HERE.
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Only Kings Have Rings...

One of my favorite shirts, now containing all FIVE of Kobe's rings... 
He is King.
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Dolls? For Guys?

These are cool. If you're into basketball. And dolls...

The Kobe one is obviously the best. Duh.

(via HypeBeast)
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I need me a pair of these...

I dont know when i would wear them, but theyre SICKKKKK

Love the Neon Splatter colorway. The 80's are making a comeback

 (via HypeBeast)
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Kanye releases G.O.O.D. ASS Mixtape...

 I figured I'd share this, but I havent even listened to it yet. I'll give it a good listen and let you know what i think...

Perajok & Kanye West Present: G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape by Hypetrak
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Finally some music to dance to...

This is one of the best songs I've heard all year.

A+ for the funk.

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Ratatat-LP4 Review

At this point in time, I am sick of everything I've heard on the radio, TV, etc... crappy club songs that are made to be ringtones, not ACTUAL MUSIC. It seems that artists are so concerned with making a buck, they forget that music is an art form, meant to invoke thoughts and emotions.

Having said that, coming across anything musically unique these days is extremely rare. LP4 takes everything you knew about electro sounds and puts a twist on it. Combining these retro, 8-bit noises with the guitars and synth sounds creates a soundscape with a perfect balance of analog and digital; the perfect blend of past and future. If you wanna hear some sounds you've never heard before, be sure to check out this album!

Track list
1. Bilar
2. Drugs (Video here...)
3. Neckbrace
4. We Can't Be Stopped
5. Bob Gandhi
6. Mandy
7. Mahalo
8. Party With Children
9. Sunblocks
10. Bare Feast
11. Grape Juice City
12. Alps
(links removed by request...)

My favorite thing about this album is the way I find myself trying to make up a story to go along with the music. The sounds of a book without the visuals. It leaves alot to the imagination, while conveying the emotion through the sounds and the dramatic tonal changes.
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Ratatat - Drugs from More Soon on Vimeo.

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Wow! I need this!

Now this....... is the most epic way to play music ever. Full MIDI DJ set up played via glass touchscreen. I would be rockin on this thing all day long in my room, shades closed, all the way turned up.

"emulator" on töken concept from yöyen munchausen on Vimeo.

[PabloMartin via Gizmodo]
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How could i not??

I bring to you the follow up of DJ Steve Porter's Press Hop, aptly named Press Hop 2! It takes all the best sports press conference moments, pumps them through auto-tune, and actually turns out some funny lyrics.


 Check out the original "Press Hop" here.

DJ Steve Porter is also the man responsible for the SlapChop remix (Genius!!)
 and this mix of 2009 in review(all through auto-tune, of course!)
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Dont turn the lights on...

Cuz tonight I wanna see you in the dark.

Chromeo released this video for "Don't Turn the Lights On" a few days ago. It's pretty epic/creepy, and definately unlike anything i have seen in a while. This has to be my second favorite music video of recent memory (behind this insane Breakbot vid). Sit back, relax, and don't forget to dance...

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M-I-C,K-E-Y, M0U$E

I am instantly drawn towards anything with mickey mouse on it. Thanks Mom...
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Super High...

Well, it's been about 10 days since my last post. That's more than enough of a grieving period for my poor little car...

Back to business as usual.

Here's a video for the song Super High by Rick Ross (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y). No better way to get in the swing of things than a song/ video strictly about schmoking paattt... Enjoy.

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