Ratatat-LP4 Review

At this point in time, I am sick of everything I've heard on the radio, TV, etc... crappy club songs that are made to be ringtones, not ACTUAL MUSIC. It seems that artists are so concerned with making a buck, they forget that music is an art form, meant to invoke thoughts and emotions.

Having said that, coming across anything musically unique these days is extremely rare. LP4 takes everything you knew about electro sounds and puts a twist on it. Combining these retro, 8-bit noises with the guitars and synth sounds creates a soundscape with a perfect balance of analog and digital; the perfect blend of past and future. If you wanna hear some sounds you've never heard before, be sure to check out this album!

Track list
1. Bilar
2. Drugs (Video here...)
3. Neckbrace
4. We Can't Be Stopped
5. Bob Gandhi
6. Mandy
7. Mahalo
8. Party With Children
9. Sunblocks
10. Bare Feast
11. Grape Juice City
12. Alps
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My favorite thing about this album is the way I find myself trying to make up a story to go along with the music. The sounds of a book without the visuals. It leaves alot to the imagination, while conveying the emotion through the sounds and the dramatic tonal changes.
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