The end of an era...

This past weekend, my trusty companion (SpchlEd), ended his life. As i was driving southbound down the 5 freeway, he slowly began to lose power. Not wanting to be stranded/ helpless on the freeway, I tried to push him as far as he would go. After a few pop, clicks, rattles, and a few other noises a car SHOULDN'T make, the steering and brakes went out. I proceeded to coast off the El Toro exit and find a safe place to park.

You served me well ol' buddy. I'm sorry things had to turn out this way. You had plenty of life in you still, if only I had treated you right. Not only are you gone, I now no longer have means to travel around The Bubble... Great.

You were my first car,
you were my only car.
You are gone but will not be forgotten
Enjoy the junkyard.

May your mechanical guts and paper thin sheet metal 
rest in peace...

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