Oh my, how things have changed...

Here are the newest lines from Vegas concerning the 2011 NBA Champions...

Miami (25-to-1) now the 7-to-5 favorite.
Los Angeles Lakers (7-to-2) and still 7-to-2.
Orlando Magic (5-to-1) to a very generous 8-to-1.
Boston Celtics (5-to-1) to 10-to-1.
Denver Nuggets (10-to-1) to 12-to-1.
Oklahoma City Thunder (15-to-1) to 14-to-1.
San Antonio Spurs (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.
Dallas Mavericks (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.
Chicago Bulls (18-to-1) to a tempting 25-to-1.
The Cleveland Cavaliers plunged from 8-to-1 to 75-to-1.

Sorry Cleveland, things will never be the same...
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