LBJ Watch: Update!

Yahoo news ran a story this morning that might have just blown the cover off this whole LeBron decision thing. I surely hope this is not the case...

"LeBron James has rented six cabanas at the W Hotel South Beach this weekend to celebrate his team decision, two sources confirm to
That adds more fuel to the fire that James, 25, will announce he's joining the Miami Heat Thursday night, as several insiders told ESPN this morning." [US Magazine]

Still in a state of denial, I'm hoping this is the ultimate PR curveball, thrown in there just to add further confusion/ drama to tonight's on-air decision.  Tonight's special edition of sportSCenter, being called The Decision, will be on ESPN tonight at 6 pm PT, and could potentially draw in more viewers than the NBA Finals. It will be interesting to see just how many Americans actually care about this whole ordeal. I know I've been counting down the hours. Whatever he chooses, he will still be the most dominant player in the game today, if not all time.

That being said, i still think going to Miami would be an extremely pusstastic move...

T minus 3 hours til D-Day
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