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The inevitable LBJ post.  

       Through months, even years, of waiting, tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for... D(ecision)-Day 2010. Whatever occurs tomorrow at 6pm will shape the NBA for the next few years.  Where will he go? Will he join Wade and Bosh on the super-duper team (Monstars a.k.a. Miami Heat), taking the easy route to a winning a ring? Or will he create his own destiny on, lets say, the Bulls, and take matters into his own hands? The only way to know for sure is to tune in to ESPN tomorrow at 6pm(pacific).  

Here is my list of possibilities:

 1. Chicago Bulls- Joining the likes of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and the newest addition, Carlos Boozer, I think this is a damn good fit for LBJ. This is a pretty mean looking starting line-up if you ask me, and he is given a chance to win a title in a pretty big basketball market. Not to mention he will be treated like a savior in Chi Town.  
Most viable option for the King.

2. Miami Heat- Coming in at a close second, joining the Heat would be a pretty pussy move for "the King".  A King always wants to be the man in charge, a dictator if you will, and joining D. Wade's team would not fit the M.O. Can you imagine Wade and James sharing the ball? I sure cant, as I feel they both want the ball in their hands at all times. If you factor this along with the fact that, beyond Wade and Bosh, there's nothing too impressive on the Heat's roster. 
It is not the LBJ way to take the easy victory.

3. Cleveland Cavs-  As appealing as it might sound to the rest of the world, staying in his hometown of Cleveland is probably not gonna happen. The whole "Delonte banged LeBron's Mom"[] thing really pissed him off and I'm sure he wants to get out of there with whatever dignity he has left. Also, consider the fact that the Cavs were so preoccupied with convincing LBJ to return, they didn't really pursue any other free agents on the market. He surely doesn't want to come back to the same team that hasn't been able to get it done the past few years in a row. Not to mention how disgustingly desperate the whole city of Cleveland was is to keep him.
Still possible, not probable.

4. NY Knicks- I don't really see him going to New York, even though it has probably the biggest basketball market. The only reason he would choose the Knicks would be for the money (not like he needs it, hes pretty much set for life), which he has already said was not a factor in where he signs. The talent is just not there in New York. T Mac is way past his prime, and Amar'e is pretty much useless without Nash as his pick and roll parter in crime.
Probably not going to New York.

5. NJ Nets- It's a definately a longshot, but the Nets have a bright future ahead of them. They have plenty of young talent, and a billionaire Russian owner who is willing to drop mad bank to make the team successful. Oh yeah, and LeBron's buddy Jay-Z is a part owner so that wont hurt either. But i dont think it'll happen, as they didn't pick up any big names over the off-season.  
Sorry HOV, not the Nets.

6. LA Clippers- Almost 100% not gonna happen, but i gotta throw it out there just for fun. LeBron James has Hollywood written all over him. From that million dollar smile to that business minded mentality, we would do GREAT in LA. But, LA is Kobe-Town. There's no way he will even think about trying to turn the town against their hero, the Black Mamba. And for whatever reason, the Clips have a history of bad luck with their players (ahem. Blake. Griffin.)
  Not Happening.

All this speculation leaves us with the question,

Where will you be on D-Day 2010?
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